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5. Juli um ·. Die Wartung ist beendet und die Server sind wieder online! . Verylarge Aion, Sang Tran, Chris Vee und 21 anderen gefällt das. 1 Mal geteilt. Das Just Aion Privat Server Forum. Sprecht und diskutiert über allgemeine Themen zu Just Aion (Ariel). Themen: Beiträge Benutzer online 6. 1 Mitglied. Hebe ab im kostenlosen Fantasy-MMORPG AION Free-to-Play und kämpfe für .. Die Wartung der Website wird, wie bereits angekündigt, noch etwas länger.

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Disable Stigma and Manastones in Characterprofile Sanjo - Jan 23rd , 4: Thank you for your patience! I believe Aion is still worth playing in ! Returning player, best server to play on before server merges? This is an archived post. aion website To Aion Site Share. Class Forum Talk about AION classes. No Code Red for this update? What is Truly Free? Disable Stigma and Manastones in Characterprofile. Submit a new link.

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Aion Mastarius Elyos vs Asmodians Battle Trolling is not tolerated. Omens of Ice Overview. Sale ends August 18, Please, post anything interesting about Aion or the companies involved in the making, distribution, or production of Aion. Before the update goes live you have a special opportunity to register your attendance and receive special items for doing so! Just Aion Application At the moment we are only looking for german members. Please do not downvote unless something violates the rules Comment Rules Racist, homophobic, sexist or otherwise hateful comments will be removed, and will result in a ban. New Player about Dregion NA self. Character transfer queueing will be unavailable in preperation for Aion: Yes, my password is: Omens of Ice Overview Hello Daevas! Trials of Eternity With increasing urgency, a group of Daevas will infiltrate deeper into the Tower of Eternity in search of the artifact that can save — or destroy — Atreia. You may not information about diamonds nor be a member of any pledges or groups within Aion that are based on or espouse any racist, sexist, anti-religious, anti-ethnic, anti-gay, or other hate mongering philosophies. Introduction Introduce yourself to the Just Aion Community. Do not post anything unrelated to Aion website or the companies involved in the making, distribution, or production of Aion. What is Truly Free? What is Truly Free? NC Interactive NCWest Website:

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